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How to successfully develop your online brand

Consumers identify with brands and trust the manufacturer whose goods they purchase. Whilst proprietary outlets or franchisees may meet these needs to a certain extent, they alone cannot service new customer habits. Social, mobile, online, stationary: shopping behavior has become erratic. Brand manufacturers should not neglect developing their web-based world of experience. Exploiting one's brand familiarity keeps the brand in pole position.


Benefits at a glance

  • Develops the online presence and increases the brand experience
  • Strengthens customer retention through an extended range of services
  • Generates additional online, social network and mobile sales
  • Expands the sales network through retailer integration
  • Taps into new target groups through new sales channels


Design. Integration. Internationality.

A brand's success lies in its distinctiveness. Implementing your brand's appearance on the Internet places significant demands on the e-commerce solution. The OXID platform doesn't transfer the brand experience from your physical outlets to the digital world, but instead acts as a comprehensive supplement for every retail sales channel.

Data management is a top priority for OXID. Third-party systems such as PIM, CMS or ERP integrate seamlessly with the online shop. This ensures that the shopper's experience is supported as much by the exchange of data as it is by the overall appearance.

The reputation of a quality product and the identification with a particular brand do not stop at the next country's border. That is why the OXID platform is designed and predestined for international use. OXID scales up as your business grows, allowing you to add as many sub-shops as you like to meet the country-specific demands of global markets.

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