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Customers who order their goods exclusively online are aware of the benefits and the challenges alike. The service and advice provided by the shop around the corner need to be compensated for online. That is why being able to rely fully on the shop system and a smooth shopping experience is all the more important for Pure Players. This applies from search engine optimization to the return of goods.


Benefits at a glance

  • One-stop e-commerce solution for happy customers
  • Faster ROI thanks to lower investment and operating costs
  • Tap into new sales potential in international markets with integrated sub-shops
  • Wide variety of customizing options thanks to numerous extensions
  • Fast time-to-market as a competitive advantage


Future-oriented. High performance. Internationality.

The OXID platform is designed to grow with your business. Scalability, modularity and integration are the foundations of a sustainable e-commerce concept that complements your business processes. Open interfaces, for instance, enable a seamless integration with ERP, CRM, PIM or CMS systems, whilst extensions are easily implemented.

Permanent online availability is essential for Pure Players That is why the OXID platform is unbeatable, especially when it comes to performance. As hosting provider SysEleven confirms in its latest performance report: The high performance OXID eShop Enterprise Edition solution counts among the most powerful and efficient on the market.

The OXID platform is fully equipped for world-wide sales via the Internet, as one would expect for online retailing. All aspects from VAT to multiple languages needed to penetrate international markets are mapped as standard and make it easy for you not only to get started but also to develop and grow your business in other countries and cultural circles.

Do you have any questions or need additional information on e-commerce in the B2C environment? We will be pleased to provide advice.

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