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Securing your competitive edge through integration

Manufacturers and wholesalers often cooperate with numerous retailers in addition to operating their own outlets. Whether franchise, drop shipping or shop-in-shop: the aim is always to integrate retailers in an overall concept. Short sales routes, competent service and 24/7 availability are the be all and end all in a hotly contested retail sector. Banking on retailer integration gives the customer an optimized shopping experience and the wholesaler a clear competitive advantage.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Expanding the sales network through retailer integration
  • Increasing customer retention through an extended range of services
  • Centralized development of brand communication through the provision of retailer content in compliance with corporate design
  • Tapping into new target groups through new sales channels
  • Assuring the quality of brand and product communication through retailer support


More service. Greater reach. Happy customers.

The flexibility of the OXID platform allows you to choose a business concept that suits you without having to take the underlying technology into consideration. Let's assume a customer is researching a product in your web-based shop but would like to try it before buying. No problem! The nearest outlet or retailer has the desired product in stock.

The return on investment is quickly achieved with an e-commerce solution from OXID eSales. There is no reason why you as a manufacturer or wholesaler should wait any longer before integrating your retailers.

There are no limits to the expansion capacity of your business model. Your e-commerce solution grows alongside your ideas thanks to the scalability of the OXID platform.

The open interfaces at your disposal support the seamless integration in ERP, CRM or PIM systems to ensure all processes run smoothly.

Do you have any questions or need additional information on retailer integration? We will be pleased to provide advice.

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