Swiss Standards Association (SNV) banks on OXID platform

- OXID Professional Services implements online shop
- Watermark protects intellectual property
- Benefit to SNV customers: customer account with subscription, history and automatic update of purchased standards
- Search conveniently includes 1,500,000 articles with up to 50 attributes

Freiburg, 07 July 2014 - OXID eSales AG, the provider of e-Commerce solutions, has implemented the online shop for the Swiss Standards Association (SNV) http://shop.snv.ch. The SNV shop offers everything associated with standardization. All in all, more than 1,500,000 articles in German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese are available to SNV customers to buy, download or subscribe to. Individual customer accounts ensure transparency and are the prerequisite for subscription sales via the e-shop. Filter options for standard-specific details, a fast search tool and other functions for purchasers round off the convenient service. The e-Commerce platform on the basis of OXID eShop 5.0 EE also protects the copyright of the standards by means of an automatically applied watermark. The online shop was developed and adapted by OXID Professional Services.

The SNV shop: everything associated with standardization

The SNV online shop offers every international, European and national standard as well as related literature and customized corporate solutions for the administration of standards. During the development of the online shop concept in cooperation with OXID Professional Services, the SNV placed the emphasis on ease of use, added value through customer service and the optimization of background processes.

Focus on customer benefits

The shop has an international alignment with shopping services available in German, English, French and Italian (as of 09/2014) and offers more than 1.5 million individual items. However, whilst the articles in an average online shop are identifiable using around 15 attributes, those found in the SNV shop have up to 50 attributes: document number, publisher, country, scope, ISBN, ICS Code and many others. The large number of attributes demands a high-performance e-Commerce platform with an adapted data model and a fast and efficient search function. Thanks to the version of OXID eShop 5 EE installed in March 2014 customers can quickly search for and locate the right product, obtain detailed information on the available standards, specifications and directives and finally make their purchase in the desired format: download, print-on-demand or hardcopy. The SNV shop is fully aligned with customer benefits. Additional functions include, for instance, a regular customer section with invoices, paid downloads and subscription management. Customers with subscriptions are informed automatically of changes to standards and receive updates directly to their account. An integrated role concept provides B2B functions enabling large customers to differentiate between the accounts of purchasing officer and key users.

Watermark protects backend and digital goods

A close link between online shop and ERP system with customer master data, subscriptions and article information provides the technical basis for many customer services. Protecting its intellectual property was a very special challenge the SNV had to overcome. This is because standards and directives are usually provided in digital form which makes them easy to copy and therefore difficult to protect from unauthorized use. Furthermore, protecting the standards should not limit their use by the customer in any way. To this end, OXID Professional Services integrated a watermark feature in the online shop: a watermark with customer data on every digital standard sold by the SNV clearly identifies the owner of the standard. Consultants from OXID Professional Services made customized adaptations to accommodate the specific requirements of SNV that were not included in the flexible shop system provided by OXID eSales AG.

"OXID Professional Services have accompanied SNV into the world of e-Commerce with extensive know-how and creativity. Protecting our intellectual property with watermarks was a particularly important issue for us. Combining it with the modular OXID platform has enabled us to create a comprehensive offer that is aligned 100 per cent with the needs and wants of our customers", says Daniel Wapenaar, CSO SNV.

About SNV

The Swiss standards association (SNV) is the direct representative of global standardization (via ISO) and European standardization (via CEN) in Switzerland. It is the hub of many other national and international standardization networks and ensures international cooperation in the process of standardization. For instance, the SNV as a future-oriented information service provider acts as a link between standardization experts and the users of standards.

About OXID eSales

Freiburg-based OXID eSales AG is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions. Countless successful B2C and B2B shop operators in numerous segments appreciate the scalability, modularity and quality of the OXID platform. The company's customers include among others: Deutsche Post, Edeka, Gravis, Intersport, babymarkt.de, Lekkerland, Mercedes Benz, Street One and Mayersche Buchhandlung. Customers benefit during implementation from the flexible adaptation options featured by the standard software (fast introduction time, low cost), the know-how of more than 150 certified OXID Solution Partners and direct contact to the manufacturer's support and development teams during subsequent operation. OXID eShop is developed and published as Commercial Open Source Software. The advantages are a higher speed of innovation, high-quality developments and long-term investment security for users. Further information is available from www.oxid-esales.com


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