OXID eSales Platform Partners

Each of our platform partners make his own special contribution to the OXID Platform. Together with our partners, we define how this contribution might look and what our shared goal should be. Pull together with us and become a platform partner.

Step 1

Your interface with the OXID Platform

Place your own module on the OXID eXchange, the central, international marketplace for OXID eShop extensions, and benefit from the promotion and integrated order handling provided by OXID eSales.

Step 2

Tested quality

You can have your module certified by OXID development, and thus demonstrate not only your own development quality (unit testing) and function compatibility, but also remain very close to OXID development’s future roadmap.

Step 3

Strategic marketing & platform cooperation

This step entails the integration of partner technologies into the OXID Platform – an active partnership for performance is underpinned with jointly planned marketing campaigns.

Step 4

Deep integration into the OXID Platform

We cultivate individual and strategic relationships with selected partners and offer deep integration into the OXID Platform.

Next steps