Become OXID Solution Partner

With its platform concept, OXID eSales offers traders the opportunity of perfectly coordinating their OXID eShop with all requirements along the entire e-commerce process chain. This can only be achieved with the help of experts from various areas who contribute their experience and ideas. Whether your strengths lie in conceptualization, design, development, cross-channel processes or marketing – if you want to create intelligent e-commerce solutions together and would like to become an OXID Solution Partner, we look forward to talking to you.

What do we expect from our Partners?

Successful projects are both the start and the objective of a partnership. In order to implement even the most demanding e-commerce projects with the excellent time to market that OXID clients expect, efficient cooperation between all parties involved is indispensable. The foundation for such successful collaboration is laid with technical and sales training, which is kept up-to-date vigorously. The experience of the entire OXID partner network is best leveraged when all partners engage in an open dialog an embrace opportunities for cooperation. Since 2003 OXID has been building a strong network which offers new partners access to great expertise and opportunities to contribute.

What do we offer our Partners?

Our extensive list of references demonstrate that OXID eSales has become an attractive platform for demanding enterprise solutions and innovative cross-channel applications. As a certified OXID partner you will become-a-part of this successful platform. Together with OXID eSales, you will develop smart e-commerce solutions for your clients, supported by the resources provided by OXID's partner network.

A central element of the OXID partner program is the extensive range of technical and sales training that we provide through the OXID Academy. In addition, our partners have many options for joint sales and marketing initiatives – for example participation in trade fairs, co-marketing activities, or hosting events in collaboration. Our sales team provides active pre-sales support, providing input on client requirements, producing demo environments or, visiting clients together with the partner. Efficient collaboration between OXID eSales and our partners quite simply begins with the first client contact.

Our program for solution partners offers you two options for a certified partnership: the Enterprise Level and the Business Level status. We will be happy to advise you on making a choice, using typical project sizes and existing resources as orientation. Agencies that primarily focus on implementing projects for our OXID eShop Community Edition have the option to become Basic Solution Partners, which does not include any direct sales or marketing support.

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