OXID Platform Partners

With their specialized developments, the OXID Platform Partners complement the OXID Platform and thus, using our own products – OXID eShop and OXID eFire Extensions – jointly shape an effective e-commerce world.

Discover part of this world at the big online marketplace for OXID eShop extensions: the OXID eXchange. Designed by our partners, and for the benefit of your business model, you will always find the right module for your needs here – clearly set out and well-organized. 

We choose our platform partners in keeping with our creed “do what you do best”. Together with them, we develop flexible e-commerce solutions for your business success. High quality, tested extensions are awarded the Certified Extension quality seal and are deeply integrated into the OXID Platform.

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We choose our Platform Partners in keeping with our creed of “do what you do best”. What can you do best? Become a Partner!

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