Customers expect local, time-independent information at all touchpoints. Whether smartphone, online shop, local store or social networks, you can give your customers a standardized shopping experience across all channels of the customer journey, getting your e-business into shape for the future.


Fashion Commerce

Fashion in internet means fabulous web shops and awesome product presentations. To deserve customers’ loyalty it is particularly important to have a feeling for a suitable fashion collection and design. However, it is not in itself sufficient to fascinate demanding customers with something new day after day. They shop quite spontaneously, where they want and when they want. [mehr...]

Brand commerce

Online shops are increasingly helping to implant brands in the minds of the relevant target group, and to strengthen image. A unique brand image creates an unforgettable shopping experience and turns passing trade into regular customers.


B2B e-business

Your corporate customers also expect perfect usability from your online shop, as well as the shopping experience to which they are accustomed from the B2C sector. We call this trend “consumerization”. In addition, personal customer care is becoming increasingly important for commercial success.


Innovative business models

With a constantly growing number of online providers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to set oneself apart from the competition. You can get that crucial edge by starting your e-commerce business with an innovative business model that appeals to users’ media and shopping habits.