Certified Extensions - unlimited variety, tested quality

With numerous successful projects, new interfaces and integration ideas are constantly being born in the OXID ecosystem. These often mature into a software product with a clearly defined range of functions that becomes a fixed element of high quality OXID solutions and is used in a large variety of future projects.

In order to provide you with orientation and security when choosing your interface, with extension certification we have introduced a quality seal for modules developed by third parties that meet the high OXID development standard.

A certified interface offers you the reliability and security of high code quality and automated software testing. Compatibility with the respective version of OXID eShop is assured. In addition, you benefit in terms of offering and further development from the often very close collaboration between OXID eSales and the manufacturers. The major software marketplace, OXID eXchange, offers simple comparability with alternative interfaces and allows you to directly download the version that is right for you.

A selection of extensions recommended by OXID eSales:

You’ll find more certified extensions at the OXID eXchange.

Here’s how to have your extensions certified and become a Platform Partner.

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