OXID eSales module certification

Based on technical unit testing and code reviews, the OXID module certification guarantees high quality of code. To ensure the module maintainability, code quality and software design will be inspected according to OXID standards. OXID module certification examines therefore the following four areas: software testing, software quality, software compatibility and module documentation.

Your steps to successful OXID module certification:

1. Module development
Develop your OXID Module with the help of our Tutorials or the OXID Academy.

2. OXID module certification
Find out about the free download package and inform yourself about the criteria of the OXID module certification as well as the pricing and the technical structure.

3. Submission
Please submit your module for OXID module certification by sending an email with the complete documents to: modulecertification[at]oxid-esales.com

4. Certification
After the review process, in cooperation with OXID development team, your tested module will receive the official OXID seal which guarantees impeccable quality of module code.