OXID eFire Extensions - Full flexibility with a proven service


OXID eFire Extensions unite the proven service quality of selected platform partners with full flexibility for your OXID eShop – that's because they work as standalone extensions and are 100% adaptable.

OXID eFire Extensions guarantee the service you choose is integrated quickly, easily and upgrade-proof in your OXID eShop. The direct connection to the eShop enables you to customize your solutions without having to miss out on fast and continuous cycles of innovation.


Your advantages

  • 100% adaptable and flexible
  • Top OXID software quality
  • Quick and easy integration in your OXID eShop
  • Also available as source code
  • No OXID eFire registration required
  • Excellent integration depth
  • Fast and regular innovation cycles
  • Easy to customize for your OXID eShop
  • Direct point of contact with our platform partner


The OXID eFire Extensions are available to you from OXID eXchange, the international market place for all OXID eShop Extensions.



Your contact partner at OXID eSales will be pleased to answer any questions:

Nafissa Khayar, Nafissa.Khayar[at]oxid-esales.com