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About documentation and help

The documentation and help is available to shop operators, shop administrators, technicians and programmers, providing information about the OXID eShop and OXID eFire. This information covers issues such as new and update installation, set-up, modification and expansion of the OXID eShop, and working with the cockpit and portlets on OXID eFire.

The documentation is currently being given a makeover. All existing articles are being revised, updated, and transferred to our new CMS system.


The archive OXID eShop

We have set up an archive so that you have access to existing information in the meantime. This archive contains all previous articles from the online manuals. In tandem with the build-up of the new documentation and help, the archive will be removed, step by step.  


The book "Online Shops with OXID eShop" (German only)

As an alternative to, or to complement the online documentation, we recommend that you read "Online Shops with OXID eShop", published by O’Reilly. In this book, assisted by Jürgen Busch, the author Dr. Roman Zenner describes how to install OXID eShop and fill it with items, how to set up different types of shipping and payment, and how the shop can be modified to meet your own requirements. The book also explores areas such as marketing and social media, as well as the subject of linking the OXID eShop with the E-Commerce Intelligence Platform, OXID eFire.

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