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In pursuit of consumers

Creating ideal shopping experiences with state of the art technology

Luring the online shopper of today is anything but easy. That is why successful shop owners know: technical professionalism is a must. Integrated Search Engine Optimization, Customer Experience, Shop Usability and Mobile Commerce are just a few of the keywords that compel the consumer to push the Buy Now button. Service-oriented after-sales processing ensures the customer's shopping experience doesn't generate any returns.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Customer Experience and Shop Usability for that extra-special customer experience
  • Greater presence and touch-point versatility thanks to omnichannel integration 
  • Precise, personalized offers through customer behavior analysis
  • Greatest possible visibility thanks to comprehensive online marketing integration
  • Additional sales opportunities in the international marketplace


Customer-oriented. High performance. Future-proof.

The OXID platform puts a shine on more than just the visible surface of your online shop. Search Engine Optimization, Search Functions, Mobile Commerce, Payment Systems and discount promotions are integrated components of our e-commerce solutions. You can also integrate third-party systems such as ERP, CRM and PIM. It guarantees a smooth data flow that massively reduces time-to-market.

Performance is the most important success factor of any online shop. After all, long waiting times are the main reason why shoppers quit. Consistently reliable performance is decisive for the success of any e-commerce business, be it during the summer slump or at the height of Christmas shopping. As hosting provider SysEleven confirms in its latest performance report: The high performance OXID eShop Enterprise Edition solution counts among the most powerful and efficient on the market.

The OXID Commercial Open Source Model gives you the investment certainty you need. The source code included in delivery enables you to make customized changes either yourself or with the help of OXID's Professional Services team.

Do you have any questions or need additional information on e-commerce in the B2C environment? We will be pleased to provide advice.


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